CSR Initiatives

Helping Our Village Prosper

The staff and management at the Sevanagama Villa are actively involved with its own brand of CSR and concept of giving back to the community by actively empowering and encouraging those in the vicinity of the villa.

One such example is Piyasena, who we showcase as a typical chena (slash and burn) farmer from the neighbourhood of Sevanagama Villa. By encouraging guests to experience a real, rural farming experience with Piyasena, an additional source of income and sustenance is generated for this individual, his family, and other dependants in the village.

Helping Friends in Need

Another area of activity that we have involved ourselves in, is the control of stray dogs in the village of Sevanagama. By volunteering with leading animal rights organisations, we participate in and help fund regular vaccination and sterilisation campaigns. Friendly dogs and a perfectly safe environment for guests is a positive outcome of this effort.